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BIRTHDAY CAKE Sugar Free Pudding Mix, Stevia Sweetened, Great For Nutrition Club Shakes, 3.4 Oz

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This 3.4 ounce pouch of Sugar Free Pudding Mix is a perfect size to sample GramZero's BIRTHDAY CAKE Flavor for Nutrition Club use as a Creamy Shake Mix Flavoring or as a Low Carb and Keto Friendly Pudding Dessert to enjoy at home!

GramZero Sugar Free Instant Pudding Mixes are not just low carb pudding desserts, they are often used by nutrition clubs to flavor nutrition shakes and also used in low carb keto smoothie recipes! Follow us on Pinterest for fun and flavorful recipes!

GramZero – Naturally, Sugar Free Pudding Mixes are made with 100% tapioca starch and sweetened ONLY with Organic Stevia! Which means ... no aftertaste, no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners! Get yours today!

Instructions - Pudding Mix: Pour 4 Cups (32 fl oz) of cold dairy milk into a mixing bowl and add the sugar free pudding mix pouch contents. Blend on medium speed with an electric hand mixer for 4-5 minutes, scraping sides of bowl as mixing. Place in fridge for 1 hour to fully thicken, then enjoy! As a sugar free pudding mix, this 3.4 ounce pouch makes approximately 8 - 4 ounce servings.

Instructions - Nutrition Clubs: Use as directed by your club's Nutritional Shake or low carb Smoothie recipe. NOTE: Calorie content in the Nutrition Panel is reflective of a 12 gram dry weight for a 4 ounce prepared dessert serving. Calories for Nutrition Club recipes will be much less, dependent upon how many grams used per recipe.


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