Collection: 2GO Drink Mix Sticks

GramZero Sugar Free Drink Mixes are NOW available in convenient 2GO Stick Packs!

These 2GO Sugar Free Drink Mix Sticks are perfect for Nutrition Clubs use as a 0 Calorie Energy Tea flavoring part of a loaded tea kit to-go, for anyone as a Low Carb Drink Alternative and Keto Friendly Drink Mix, or to simply enjoy as a refreshing and hydrating Sugar Free Drink at home or on the go!

Each stick mixes with a 16.9oz water bottle as a flavored water or used as 1/2tsp in Loaded Tea Recipes.  

GramZero Naturally, Sugar Free Drink Mixes are sweetened with Organic Stevia. They taste just like sugar sweetened drinks with no unwanted aftertaste, no sugar alcohols, no artificial sweeteners, zero grams of sugar, and very low or zero calories.

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