Help For Sugar Restricted Diets

We at GramZero are very excited to bring a natural alternative to those with sugar restricted diets, especially in the nursing home and assisted living communities!

For so many years, foodservice directors and dietitians have been very limited in their options in meeting the needs of sugar restricted diets. Products with artificial sweeteners were the only choices available in foodservice, until now.

GramZero For Foodservice

As leading innovators of great tasting naturally sugar free desserts and beverages, GramZero prides itself on bringing a sugar-like flavor profile to consumers and healthcare facilities without all of the potential negative side effects associated with artificial sweeteners.

The normal response to our products is that these are the best tasting sugar free products folks have ever tried. Foodservice managers tell us they taste so good they would serve our product to BOTH sugar restricted AND regular diets. This solves a common issue with varying resident needs. It also reduces inventory needed in limited storage space.

We want to be your "Go-To" for sugar free products, that taste great!

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