Shakes, Loaded Teas & More!

Dear Nutrition Clubs, we have an exclusive, Nutrition Club Website catered to your business needs.

It is a wholesale ordering B2B (business to business) portal, where Nutrition Clubs can order full cases of our organic stevia sweetened mixes. Check it out!


GramZero For Nutrition Clubs

GramZero is on a mission to provide an abundance of naturally sugar free products for your Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Loaded Teas, and More!

At wholesale, we offer Stevia ONLY Sweetened Hot Beverage Mixes and Sugar Free Drink Mixes, Pudding Mixes, Gelatin Mixes, Cheesecake Mix and Whipped Topping Mixes.

We are continually adding products and new flavors to our line-up. Please feel free to suggest ideas, we love ♥️ to hear from you!

‘Your mixes are more flavorful than what we are accustomed to so we can actually use less powder… our energy teas really pop… and your instant smoothie/pudding mixes really improve our protein shakes and overall patron experience.’ ~ Club Owners